A teenager grieving over the recent death of his father struggles to deal with the growing relationship between his mother and his uncle. He cuts himself off from the outside world until one day his father’s spirit appears and informs him that his death was caused by his uncle in order to steal his wife. The teenager then decides to confront his uncle at a party thrown for his mother which sets off a chain of events that forces him into conflict with his friends, his mother and ultimately, his uncle as he discovers the true nature of love, honour and duty.

Producer: Makfire Miftari; Writer/director: Mark Norfolk; Photography: Adonis Krasniqi; Sound: Agron Demolli; Design: Bekim Korca; Editor: Meriton Ahmeti.Cast includes: Alban Goranci, Besim Ajeti, Ekrem Sopi, Florentina Ademi, Mafire Miftari, Alban Shahiqi, Anzotika Ajeti

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